Eating Food and Stress Are Related

Did you ever feel that you have a big meeting coming up with someone that you just don't like, but you have to do it? You may have no choice, but to make the meeting, but you need to calm your nerves. Almost without, thinking you grab a piece of chocolate from your desk, pop it in your mouth and head off to the meeting. Many people are in the same situation as you, using foods to lessen the feeling of stress we have and feel in our day.

Men, women and children alike are constantly eating as an unconscious method of relieving stress. If you are under a lot of pressure and you find that you are reaching for the goodies, the chips, or snack foods you are going to be gaining weight. As you are under more stress, and your headaches continue, you will find that your problems are only being added to as you gain weight, and your medical problems associated with gaining weight begin.

Who is at risk for overeating do to stress related incidents?
One type of industry that is stress related is the truck driver. The truck driver is constantly on the go, on the road, fighting traffic and deadlines among other things. The truck driver who is under stress will eat to stay away and will eat to calm his or her nerves. Many truck drivers find they are quickly overweight and need to lessen the stress in their lives so they will eat less.

Depending on food for comfort is nothing new. New mothers, and those who care for children often times find their selves under a lot of stress. If you are finding you grab a piece of candy every time someone is fighting or when you know that child is coming in to ask a question you are not solving your stress problem, over eating is compensating and covering up how you really feel about a situation.

Solve your problems and face your stress
Stress can be easier to overcome as you realize what is stressful in your life. Are you doing too much at your job? Are you finding it hard to find work? Do you want to get your house cleaned up but your children won't help? The stress in your life can always be changed. The stress in your life doesn't mean you are stuck in this rut. You can change your feelings of stress by leaving those problems behind and changing what you do and how you do it.  Keep yourself busy, fight off those urges to help everyone do every thing, and manage stress in your life.