Causes of Stress

Stress is a very popular part of society.  It is not addressed in the correct way for most people.  There is so much discussion about depression these days because there are more and more people that are faced with it.  There are many causes of stress and most of them are very popular with most people while others are not so well known.

causes of stress

Many people have stress because they are so tired.  If a person is not getting enough sleep, they are going to be irritable and not in the right state of mind.  They may be an easier target for getting stress because their body and mind is so vulnerable to it.

There are other causes for stress as well.  For some people they are having a hard time at work.  Maybe they are working too many hours and are not getting home to spend time with family like they would want.  In some instances, a boss may be too demanding or yell at you for no good reason.  This is enough to make any person feel upset and depressed. If you have a long commute home from work and the stress of traffic is getting to you, this can cause some major problems.  For some people, they may start to have road rage or anger towards other drivers on the road.  This is a definite cause for people to gain too much stress. 

Another reason for stress is being fired or laid off from a job.  If a person is having trouble at work, or they have lost their job, they are going to find themselves with feelings of depression and anxiety.  This is something that needs to be addressed by the person so that they can get the help that they need.

If a person is worried about money, they may be more inclined to have stress in their life.  When a person is worried that they cannot pay their bills or if they are not earning enough money, they will start to feel depressed from all the worrying.  This can also cause relationship problems at home.  If a person is having money troubles, it may start to affect the way a husband and wife gets along.  This can even lead to divorce and separation.

If you are having family problems with a certain family member, you may find that you are adding stress into your life.  This is something that can be avoided if you are willing to confront your problems head on with the family member.  This can fix the situation and make it less stressful. Stress is very common and it is found in just about everyone.  It can be hard to deal with but working through it can be a good way to eliminate it help the person live a happier and healthier life